Twitterjackers and Phweeters – Top 10 Twitter fake accounts

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There´s a kind of hype around Twitter at the moment. More and more users every day. To be honest Fakeblog is also at Twitter. But what about alle the fakers there at Twitter, called „Twitterjacker“

To be social means to be honest. Or would you lie to your friends? A lot of fake accounts are opened every day. They want to make us believe, that „celebrities“ or well known companies are tweeting. Some of them are really funny, that´s true, but a lot of them are using names of well known people or companies to forward the reader to sexual content or other weird stuff. With the shortened URL, that is very common at Twitter, they try to hide the real URL from the reader. They just want us to buy some stuff or to visit strange websites. Social networking is always as good as their users. If you know some Twitter fake accounts, please post them in the comments. I think we should protect ourselves from being ripped by others.

Maybe not the TOP 10, but still well known Twitter fake acounts or names that had been „twitterjacked“ are:

International Twitter fake accounts:

German Twitter fake accounts:

This entry is meant to be a living list of Twitter fake accounts. So don´t hesitate to comment and post the twitterjackers at every time. Thank you.

…to be continued

(and sorry if there should be any errors in this list)

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