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Welcome to my small WordPress themes place. At the moment there are two themes for you https://isverigeapotek.com. Maybe there will be some more in the future. But first have a look at these two free themes called „Overstand“ and „Two Sided“ and hopefully you will enjoy them.

Two Sided Theme

This is a theme with great possibilities I guess. It´s up to you what you want to use it for. A two column posts view on the frontpage of the blog and a very classic blog look on the single post page. Very simple and just with one colour. Pink! Available as english or german version.

Visit the „Two Sided“ theme page

Free WordPress Theme "Two Sided" Twosided

Overstand Theme

I would say this theme has a very basic magazine look, focused on headlines and text. It has a good balance of text and images. Colours are orange and black. German and english version of the theme available.

Visit the Overstand theme page

Wordpress Theme Overstand free

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