Delfine stellen ihr Spielzeug selbst her

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Das ist so schön. Delfine, die unter Wasser mit selbst gemachten Luftblasen spielen. Mehr über dieses Phänomen und die Physik dahinter gibt es hier zu lesen (*.pdf Datei):

Any spherical bigger than about two centimeters in diameter will quickly become a ring because of the difference in water pressure above and below the bubble. Water pressure increases with depth, so the bottom of the bubble experiences a higher pressure than the top does. The pressure from below overcomes the surface tension of the sphere, punching a hole in the center to create a doughnut shape. As water rushes through the hole, a vortex forms around the bubble. Any vortex ring travels in the same direction as the flow through its center; in the case of these simple air rings, the vortex flow, in combination with the air’s natural buoyancy, propels the bubbles toward the surface.

Delfine unter Wasser spielen mit Luftblasen

(Video Direktlink – via reddit)

P.S. Machen Delfine übrigens auch im offenen Meer.