iBogo – the secret plans of Apple, Google and Sony?

Floyd Kommentieren Der letzte Fake

Today I heard a rumour. A friend of mine informed me about some possible plans of Apple, Google and Sony. I don´t know if my friend told the truth, but it sounds possible. Remember the days when AIBO, Sonys dog, came across? It was in 1999 I guess. Maybe AIBO was a bit to early and of course too expensive. A few years ago the production of AIBO was stopped.

But you know, nearly every product where Apple and Google are involved are successful. So why not developing a new product and at the same time reducing crime and violance? Sounds pretty cool! The secret plan seems to be the development of iBogoAIR, the redeemer of crime and violance.

With Google Maps it is possible to send alerts, where a crime happened. Google Maps is connected with iBogo. There are several iBogo points in every city like train stations, subway stations, e.g. where the dogs are awaiting their call. If Google Maps sends a crime alert to the iBogos, they are a lot faster then the police. And cheaper. Let´s see, if this will become true or still remains a rumour forever.

iBogos are watching you – future vision or soon reality?

And there is still the rumour, that AIBO will soon be connectable to PSP3.

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