Chinese steal attitudes?

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Did you know, that the chinese industry doesn´t only produce very similiar products to those of the rest of the world. No, that is not enough. Chinese Chief Executive officers do also trust in german attitudes. If you would ask someone about a typical german attitude, the answer surely would be “hard-working”. So, why only developing similar products. Isn´t it more effective to copy attitudes in order to develop great products? In this chinese factory the rules are clearly defined:

„Arbeiten Sie heute nicht fleissig, dann suchen Sie morgen fleissig nach Arbeit!“

This is the highest german attitude:-)

„If you don´t work hard today, then go and search hard for a job tomorrow!“

Great idea.

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  2. OMG!

    as a man, to learn is to live better…
    as a chinese man, to learn from others is to make progress quickly…

    our thought open wings, and our mind will be fulfilled…

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